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Fear and Loathing in Columbia

unforgiving Columbian adventure

-17 °C

I arrived in Cartagena on a Thursday night on a twin engine prop plane out of the 70's. I was thankful for the night because before the sun went down, I was blinded by the sunlight being reflected off of the plane's aluminum skin. I was coming in from the rainforests of Costa Rica. I had been on an environmental trip to visit some of the best preserved rain forests in that area of the world. As we approached, I could see what seemed like a huge city for me at the time.

By the time I touched down, I was exhausted. I hadn't slept for two days, and I couldn't wait to get to my hotel. My good friend Carlos met me at the airport and we drove his beat up VW bug over to a nearby hotel. I only had a large hiking back pack with me. Carlos invited me for a round of Tequila at a local bar, the cantera or something like that. I felt a second wind coming and I just couldn't refuse.

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